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Lester's Legacy is an online art gallery and store for Cognitive Dynamics, a 501c3 foundation created by Daniel C. Potts, MD, FAAN in honor of his late father, Lester E. Potts, Jr. (1928 - 2007), a person who had Alzheimer's disease. After being diagnosed with Alzheimers, Lester became a client at Caring Days Day Care facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he participated in their expressive arts programs. Lester had shown no artistic ability or interest in painting prior to his diagnosis. Lester fell in love with watercolor painting, creating over 100 unique pieces of art, many of which were expressive of his early memories and life experiences. Known internationally as a symbol of the triumphant human spirit despite the hardship of disease, Lester's artwork is now available for purchase through this website in

individual prints and notecards.

Lester's Legacy

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